“After the additional moorings are installed, why would the live-aboard boats need to set anchors, which damages or destroys the seagrass? I thought the idea would be to have that mooring be a safe anchorage, ensure the boat is registered, safe for sea and complies with sewage holding tanks and pump-outs.”

“Just a reminder: by Florida state law bicycles are vehicles; therefore they belong in the street, not on the sidewalks, please.”

“Please do your research: There is no record of a person with natural immunity spreading the virus. A vaccinated person can still get the virus and spread it. Please stop spreading hate and turning people against the unvaccinated.”

“I ran dive and snorkel charters from 1988-2005. In 1988, the reef was 80% alive. The cruise ships arrived in 1993 along with the mega catamaran snorkel tours. The cruise ships themselves didn’t kill the reef. It’s all the hundred-plus snorkel tours with gallons of sunscreen.”

“Is that really a thing? The state taking away the city status of Key West. Time for the rise of the Conch Republic!”

“Do all of the field lights at the Clayton Sterling ballpark need illumination if only the batting cages are in use? Seems like a waste of energy which can be mitigated with dedicated batting cage lights.”

“Perhaps we need more lights on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Apparently tourists think it is some type of racing strip with their crappy mainland driving habits.”

“Why doesn’t Monroe County Commission just give Wisteria Island to a local development company? They could get cut rates on their construction costs if they are building at both ends of Key West.”

“Did anyone figure out who wrote that proposed bill to abolish Key West? We are assuming it’s one of the districts to the north.”

“The City of Key West is run well? Apparently that person who was quoted as saying that never had to pull a permit, deal with the Tree Commission or deal with wanna-be historians who tell you what color your house has to be!”

“Really, Monroe County, you are letting the power company block U.S. 1 on the busiest travel week!”