“Waste Management’s bid was millions more than its competitor and now they want more? Why don’t we revisit that runner-up?”

“‘No’ to a mask mandate in Florida. People need to take personal responsibility for their decisions like avoiding big crowds. Masks are not needed in every situation and I support the idea we care for others but believe masks are over-rated.”

“I’m a loyal veteran, so it’s OK if the Navy wants to land a cargo jet in my Old Town front yard. All I ask is a little ‘heads-up’ to collect the cat and break out the earplugs.”

“Looks like our trash hauler took note of the unobligated gift of taxpayer money that was handed to our city manager after he quit and is putting their hand out, too.”

“When I started driving two red lights flashing back and forth meant stop and wait for the train, but here everyone speeds past them. I’m most confused by The Triangle. What are you supposed to do with a steady green arrow with a flashing red arrow?”

“No oil was burned to light up those athletic fields; perhaps some ground water pollution from the nuclear plant at Turkey Point, though.”

“What was that large military plane that made a low approach to Key West airport last week? Looked like a B-52 bomber to me. Anyway, it was awesome!”

“The only proven impact of the cruise ships is that they stir up silt in the channel because the voters decided that not maintaining the channel would discourage larger ships.”

“The ‘Big Lie’ has resulted in states tightening election laws relating to voting by the Black community: voting by mail, using ballot collection boxes, lack of state-issued IDs, and long lines at precincts. Such restrictions fall heavily on Black citizens; the reasons for the changes are visible and transparent.”

“If Waste Management were doing great financially with the Key West contract, and the city asked for a rate reduction before the contract expired, what do you think WM’s answer would be?”

“The Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress (available online) recites that Stephen Mallory was ‘elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate in 1851; reelected in 1857...’ The word ‘appointed’ is not used. Elected by the legislature or appointed, he was an opponent of Black suffrage and a racist.”

“Takes a special member of One Human Family to hang more wind chimes when they realize the neighbors are being bothered morning, noon and night.”

“I have wonderful chimes, some of which I paid $50-$75 or more! I have them in different keys so I can always enjoy their symphony! Loosen up, enjoy the celestial music, and be grateful for the symphony as you go through life!”