“So proud of the Key West delegation who traveled to Tallahassee to testify before the state Legislature in defense of our reef, our referenda, home rule and the quality of life in our community. Well done!”

“Special appreciation to Keys Energy on Monday when we were all without power. They continually sent text messages explaining the situation and updating. That was very helpful. Thank you to them.”

“The partially sunken boat that has been in the water across from Publix for more than three years is an eyesore and a danger. Why is it still there? There is no excuse. The Sanctuary, FWC, DEP, the city need to act. Ignoring this is irresponsible.”

“If the state takes over our port, then does the state also assume responsibility for the Navy Mole lease? Maintenance of the piers? Is this ‘found’ revenue because the city no longer needs to provide maintenance?”

“It appears to me that at least one frequent contributor to the Citizen’s Voice has been watching too much Fox News.”

“Other than a brief note in a recent biography that Mallory opposed allowing newly empowered but illiterate former slaves from voting without any education or assistance does not make him an undisputed racist.”

“The city sent out an email to staff asking for contributions for the city manager’s going-away party. Seriously, didn’t he just get a $38,000 bonus? How insulting to city staff.”

“It’s not the marijuana dispensaries that are causing problems, it is the alcohol dispensaries that cause problems.”

“Now that a contractor has ripped up the 100 block of Duval street, it is expected the city demand the contractor restore the surface to its previous condition, smooth, without any bumps.”

“The Artisan Market will run its course this coming Sunday. That’s the last one for this season. If you are concerned about maskless people, wait until this year’s July 4th fireworks come around. Go get your shot and don’t worry about it.”

“I suggest if city employees are ‘disgruntled,’ they resign. There would be a line to Boca Chica to take your jobs. They are some of the best-paying jobs and offer benefits and pensions most taxpayers can only dream of. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

“Dear city commission, I’m asking for a reduction in my taxes. I know that’s not what I agreed to when I purchased my property but word on the street is you are in a generous mood after such a prosperous year for Key West!”