“If the state takes over our port, then does the state also assume responsibility for the Navy Mole lease? Maintenance of the piers? Is this ‘found’ revenue because the city no longer needs to provide maintenance?”

“Thank you, Habitat for Humanity for hosting the Trivia Trek around downtown/midtown where fewer than 10 groups of four each masked, social distanced and took photos of iconic images of Key West, got some outdoor exercise and donated to a great organization. Great job!”

“Instead of citing 100-plus-year-old information, let’s use National Academy of Science, WHO and other studies that show mask wearing is a very effective means to prevent transmission of COVID-19 (which didn’t exist 100 years ago). Stop insulting our intelligence with conspiracy theories.”

“I saw the recent article wherein the city commission praised the three who have been on the housing authority board for over 100 combined years. All are respected, successful locals, but ... [i]t’s not public service anymore; it’s patronage and it’s time for a change.”

“To the person inquiring about the number of marijuana stores — I count at least seven pharmacies in Key West hocking opioids. Why would it be odd that we have two medical marijuana dispensaries with a safe alternative? Don’t get confused by the CBD stores — they don’t sell medical marijuana.”

“Key West citizens should be prepared to make cruise ships uncomfortable to be here if it comes to that. The Rip Off picketing team should dust off their signs, retool them for unwanted cruise ships and get ready to roll.”

“Please don’t kill two birds with one stone — those birds eat termites.”

“Don’t let Waste Management raise their rates. Their profits and stock price are at an all-time high. They signed the contract. Make them hold to it.”

“The individual who wrote on pedestrian-activated crosswalks was defining yellow flashing lights only and may want to read Florida Statute 316.076 before someone is killed due to erroneous advice. Flashing red lights mean stop and are treated like a stop sign. If the crosswalk is clear, you may then proceed, after stopping.”

“In some cases a flashing red traffic light has always meant to completely stop and then proceed with caution. It is understandable to me that some will stop for the flashing red crosswalk lights.”

“In response to an earlier comment, every U.S. citizen can get a free government ID. This is a minor, simple responsibility for any voter. Checking ID of voters is essential for the integrity of elections. The only reason not to check voter IDs is a desire to cheat. Be responsible.”

“The Florida Keys’ economy was converted to tourism way back in the 1930s, under the WPA. If you really can’t stand the tourists, move to Labelle. Very few tourists, except during the Cabbage Festival.”