“Keep your over-built, over-priced construction project out of Stock Island. We do not need a mega-marina at Key West Harbor Yacht Club full of hotel rooms and transient rentals. You over-built Key West, now you want to over-build our neighborhood. Leave Stock Island alone.”

“Gov. DeSantis signed an order stating that a business cannot require proof of vaccination to gain access to or services from that business. Does this apply to churches? Do you want to attend lengthy religious services and sit or stand next to people who are not vaccinated?”

“I suspect that, ‘when someone writes about a local basketball player they never tell how tall he (should be ‘it’) is,’ because that would be considered ‘height shaming’ to shorter players! (See how easy it is to be woke, and party and part of the culture cancel crowd?)”

“Somehow I think a more appropriate football analogy for the commission meeting might have been ‘Busy commission meeting misses two tackles allowing touchdowns and then punts.’”

“Old Island Restoration Foundation should be ashamed of this week’s ‘Home Tour.’ We have thoroughly enjoyed previous events, but to pass this off as a home tour was absurd.”

“Funny how the people who complain loudest about leaf blowers that serve a useful function are the same ones who ignore neighbors’ pleas to remove giant metal wind chimes.”

“How is it the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami can build a complex for $9 million and 37 housing units for low to very low rentals and all these other developers can’t build for less than multimillions, receive free ROGOs, pay no building fees and charge $2,000 or more per month rent?”

“Our highly respected Supervisor of Elections said that there was no voter fraud in Monroe County. Yet the head of the Voter Suppression Party said that there was. So I guess he is calling our Supervisor of Elections a liar? I believe Joyce.”

“We don’t need the Key West radar. It hasn’t rained in over a month. Save it for hurricane season.”

“I came from a city with a light pollution bylaw. Now brightly lit athletic fields along Kennedy Drive light up my bedroom and I wonder how much we pay for the oil burned to make all that electricity.”