“When is enough tourism enough? Or is it never enough?”

“State highway ‘authorities’ need to revisit their center line rules concerning U.S. 1. There are several straight stretches that would provide ample passing room, but there are double yellow lines that forbid it just because there is a driveway that, in 30 years, I have never seen a vehicle using.”

“I would like to thank those of us who are against COVID-19 vaccinations for doing their part to help us clean up the gene pool. It’s been getting kinda murky of late. With more than 4 billion shots having been given, there is no rational excuse for extending the pandemic.”

“Thank you, Key West Police Department, for putting the arrest location on the Sheriff’s Office mug shot page. It is important to know what is happening in our neighborhood.”

“Why are property taxes being raised under the disguise of COVID-19? The county and city should be ashamed! One minute they affordable housing, but the next they raise taxes on those who need it the most. Record number of tourists and somehow the residents still pay. Moving away!”

“Wait? You mean the speed limit is not 100 mph on Boca Chica? Oops, my bad.”

“I am 75 years on this Earth and have never had a flu shot in my life. Why start now? My old age tells me it’s just another attempt to break up the American dream, pitting masks vs. unmasked. Follows religion, cops, race division. By the way, only time in church was when I got married.”

“The Airport Director told the Monroe County Commission there is nothing the county can do to limit flights. That is not true. Many cities have restrictions on flight times. We are under no obligation to allow new airlines here. We can stop expanding. Admit it’s greed.”

“I have MS and received a handicap parking space in front of my house. Never, in any town I have ever lived, have I seen so many non-handicapped people park in this space whenever and for however long they want. What is wrong with people in this town?”

“My new sign will say ‘If you aren’t vaccinated, then please dine elsewhere.’ I can’t refuse admission per the law, but I can let the unvaccinated know they are unwelcome in my establishment.”

“With the all-time record for Key West tourism dollars being met this year, I really hope that a tiny fraction of that money will be spent on resurfacing the tennis courts at Bayview Park. I’ve seen players trip and stumble because of all the bumps and cracks on them.”