If Pete Buttigieg wants to be taken seriously as a potential presidential contender, he ought to spend some time studying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Compare the transportation secretary’s bungling of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, with DeSantis’s hands-on management of Hurricane Ian and it’s obvious why the governor’s presidential prospects are rising — while Buttigieg has likely damaged his future chances to win the Oval Office.

When Hurricane Ian ravaged Florida, DeSantis was the very model of a commander in chief leading in a time of crisis. Before the storm hit, he was on the ground briefing Floridians on evacuation plans and putting in place strategies to manage gasoline shortages and restore power, internet and cellphone service. Once the storm had passed, he moved swiftly to restore essential services and rebuild critical infrastructure. He got the bridge to Pine Island rebuilt in three days, reopened the Sanibel Causeway in just two weeks, cleaned up thousands of miles of debris, reopened roads and highways, created a state-run program to get travel trailers to residents whose homes had been destroyed, and offered free mental health services via online therapy to those impacted by the disaster. Even President Joe Biden praised DeSantis’s response to the hurricane as “remarkable.”