Cheers: To the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for helping rescue a large female manatee off the Upper Keys last week. The manatee had monofilament line embedded in both front flippers and needed medical treatment but is now showing signs of improvement after being transported by FWC biologists to SeaWorld in Orlando. Carelessly discarded monofilament line is blamed for the deep wounds found on this female manatee, which underscores how we all need to be responsible with fishing line as both residents and visitors.

Jeers: To Monroe County for once again being the only local government agency to pay overtime for Tropical Storm Laura. The thought that the Emergency Management Director and others got a $50,000 “bonus” for doing their jobs is reprehensible. This gravy train must stop!

Jeers: To the computer virus that attacked and crashed the Key West City Hall system over a week ago, but jeers also to the city for the lack of transparency with the community, which has a right to know its true impact. There’s no telling what was lost as a result because the city has been mostly close-lipped about the problem. We only know city employees have been forced to find workarounds in order to keep city business operational. And the in-house computer network, where files, records and applications are stored, is still unavailable. It’s time to communicate the big picture.

Cheers: Albeit a cautious one, to the Monroe County Commission, which decided in a split vote to end restrictions on the sale of liquor and to allow the ordinance limiting alcohol sales from midnight to 7 a.m. and closing restaurants from midnight to 5 a.m. to lapse. Business owners and the employees of these establishments are suffering terribly at this juncture. The politicians have closed or restricted roads and reopened them. They passed more restrictive directives and have sometimes relaxed them. Ultimately there’s a responsibility to all residents, one that allows these establishments a chance to try and make things operational again. We won’t survive by constantly closing and staying closed.

Jeers: To Miami-Dade County, which seemingly can never get its sewer and septic issues in order. Why is that important? Because Miami-Dade waters empty into Biscayne Bay. This continually undermines and exacerbates all our efforts to keep the near shore waters in the Keys clean. If that county’s plan is to continue pumping raw sewage into the bay for another couple of years, we may never make any headway.

Cheers: To the relative peace we saw this past holiday weekend, the guarded optimism we feel for the return to in-classroom teaching and the anticipated slowdown on Keys roadways now that the Labor Day holiday has passed.

Cheers: To Publix for removing the directional signs on their floors. While most of us tried to comply, many more clearly shop in a more spasmodic fashion, which caused chaos on the aisles. And since grocery shopping is supposed to be at least moderately enjoyable, the signs were messing us up immeasurably. Thank you.

— The Citizen

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