Cheers: To the team of researchers from the University of Florida who have made a breakthrough in tracking the endangered Key deer fawns’ behavior. Using cameras fastened to trees, bushes and rocks throughout the National Key Deer Refuge, they have been able to identify more than 80 confirmed fawns.

Jeers: To the proliferation of slow-moving, gas-powered, environmentally filthy golf carts that seem to be replacing scooters as the go-to rental vehicle. Further jeers to the rental companies displaying these same golf carts on the limited grass along North Roosevelt Boulevard. We thought there was an effort to improve that road — not trash it up.

Cheers: To all the local officials and citizens who went to Tallahassee this week to speak on the home rule and cruise ships issue. Regardless of which side they took, it is important that the leaders in our state Capitol see and understand the concerns of our tiny island so far away.

Jeers: To the owners of the sailboat that became tangled in powerlines off the Seven-Mile Bridge earlier this week, resulting in hours-long power outages reported throughout Keys Energy Services service area, which runs from Key West to the iconic bridge.

Cheers: To the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in its continued fight to curb the flow of opioids through the Florida Keys. Recent weeks have shown an increase in local arrests for trafficking, dealing and possession of such drugs as oxycodone, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines, something Sheriff Rick Ramsay said hadn’t before appeared in Monroe County.

Jeers: To the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in Florida, despite the availability of a variety of vaccines and the continued push for residents and visitors to “mask up.” The state and the nation are poised to get the upperhand in the fight against the deadly virus, but it will take total commitment by all to reach that point.

Cheers: To all of those who recognize the statue in front of the Tropic Cinema as the legendary Marilyn Monroe. A recent trip along Eaton Street noted numerous people posing by the artwork, seeking a selfie with ... Madonna. To quote Bob Dylan: “The times they are a-changin’ ...”

— The Citizen