Any qualified engineer familiar with our aqueduct system could have advised that it was in desperate need of repair and that our ever-increasing development and growing population could not sustain our consumption. But instead of warning us of the pending crisis, the need to curtail development/usage, and getting started on replacing the pipes, the FKAA’s Board of Directors chose to stay silent, build a new building with all the bells and whistles and eliminated the need to have an engineering degree to serve as Executive Director.

Mr. (Greg) Veliz, our current Executive Director, made it no secret that the only thing he knew about water management, when he took the job, was “how to turn on a tap.” Maybe, instead of focusing on awarding lifetime benefits to Mr. Veliz and other upper management employees, as well as their spouses, for their “lifetime dedication to FKAA” they should focus on answering a few simple questions like: How long will we be at 22 million gallons a day? (“Indefinitely” is not an answer). What impact does the multitude of new swimming pools and irrigation systems for vacation rentals and remodels/renovations have on usage? Will the new pipes increase the amount of gallons per day, or will we be in an endless catch-up scenario of patching broken pipes?