I fully agree with the derelict vessel part of the Florida bill. They are an eyesore and a clear detriment to the environment.

But I believe the state should be able to auction off or tag said vessels as up for grabs to anyone that would like to salvage them. I feel that granting the ability to the public to salvage these vessels would not only prompt owners that might let their vessel become derelict to be more cautious, but it would put the public in tandem with this new legislation.

Clearly auctioning the vessels as is, in the water, should be money made, if not money spent, by the state. Plus this may create business and other things that would benefit the environment, overall aesthetics of the waterways and the state. Well, there are my two cents on a possible solution to a portion of the $2.6 million that were spent on this problem.

Perry Shafer

Key Largo