If the assertions made by Dr. Edwards and Mr. Kocol in their personally-paid, non-affiliated ad which appeared in the Sept. 30 edition of the Free Press are accurate, as a longtime resident of the village, I am very disturbed with the actions, or lack thereof, of these elected and appointed officials.

Somehow we citizens do not really understand the long-term implications of subtle changes to land-use regulations that are recommended by the Local Planning Agency and ultimately approved by our elected officials. For seven years I served as a member of the LPA. For four of those years, I was the chairperson. At that time we had a rule that stated that LPA members could not serve in other village advisory committees in order to avoid potential conflict of interests.

After my voluntary resignation from the LPA, this rule was deleted which then allows members, such as current member Mark Gregg, to also serve in other committees such as the Achievable Housing Advisory Committee, which advises on possible workforce housing opportunities, etc. Mr. Gregg has not violated any rule by currently serving in these two committees, but it does give an appearance of possible conflict of interests. I would have thought that after his Gimpy Gulch controversy of years ago, avoiding potential land-use conflicts would be his priority.

I commend Dr. Edwards and Mr. Kocol for using their own money to bring these valid issues to the attention of village citizens.

John Fernandez


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