Gov. DeSantis, the bill which would override Key West citizens’ vote to limit cruise ships appears to be nothing more than state politicians caving to the cruise industry lobby. You have proven yourself to be a governor who will stand firm against the erosion of our constitutional rights. Why then would you support a bill that crushes our right to self govern? This is typical “follow the money” political hypocrisy that we suffer through on a daily basis. I expect more from you.

The Maritime Executive stated “Proponents argued that permitting local authorities to set individual policies for their local ports could interfere with the state’s commerce, the flow of goods in and out of the state, and the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Further, they contend, since ports serve as hubs for inter-state commerce, local authorities do not have the authority to take actions that would impact the flow of inter-state trade.” Does 1 million cruise ship passengers annually in Key West contribute to “the flow of goods in and out of the state”? No. But it does negatively impact our environment, the nature of our community and reduces commerce to many local retailers. Does restricting cruise ships in Key West negatively impact the public health, safety and welfare of Florida residents? No. Restricting cruise ships actually improves the health, safety and welfare of Key West citizens.

Please get involved and do not override our voices in favor of donations from the cruise industry.

Sue Seboda

Key West