Only after the primary election is over can five Village Council members (four of whom are not seeking re-election and two of whom are seeking higher office) convene on a Zoom council meeting during a pandemic, four days before a hurricane, and make a decision that is exactly the opposite of the wishes of every constituent in that neighborhood.

All admitted to having behind-the-scenes conversations with Pete Bacheler, who represents a Miami LLC and is also running for council himself.

This sends the message to our residents that absolutely nothing is off the table when it comes to rezoning residential property to commercial property in any Islamorada neighborhood at any given time. This is one of the most peaceful, harmonious and ecologically spectacular neighborhoods in the Florida Keys. Nobody is safe, even if you have lived in that neighborhood for 50 years.

The last time that this topic appeared before council, 20 people from the neighborhood who were opposed attended the council meeting. This was before COVID-19.

John Timura


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