The City of Key West is proud to have recently opened the "new" Bahama Village Pantry. In a classic example of how a city government should stay in tune with the community it serves, we have built upon a foundation set forth by the original Bahama Village Little Pantry.

Several key members of the Bahama Village community identified that their neighbors were experiencing hardships during this trying period. In the true spirit of "One Human Family" and in the most positive means of community activism, these citizens took it upon themselves to organize and build what would become a movement.

The City of Key West was asked to help grow this effort and lend assistance. This original idea and project, bolstered by the city's resources, are what has produced what currently exists in the Frederick Douglass Complex. The Bahama Village Pantry is a true testament of how a small group of individuals armed with an idea and the initiative to act on that idea can turn the wheels of city government.

I would like to personally thank all of the original contributors to the first pantry. I would also like to emphasize that the new pantry in no way replaces the original pantry. I prefer to think that the city recognized the value of the original structure and has seen an opportunity to expand upon the services still provided by the Little Pantry. I welcome our residents to utilize either facility, and we will continue to work together to service the community's needs.

Gregory Veliz

Key West City Manager

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