The Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board must reject the genetically engineered mosquito field trial proposal.

This experimental technology has failed to reduce mosquito populations elsewhere in the world, and presents significant health and environmental risks.

Oxitec has not been transparent about the data. Not only has it not had an independent review from third-party scientists not paid by Oxitec, but we the community haven't seen the data yet.

This experimental field trial, one of the first in the U.S., will put people at risk, and even though I do not consent to being part of this trial, there is no option to opt-out.

This may also negatively affect our economy. The scientific community and press follow this technology closely. Adding a half-billion mosquitoes to our environment will be reported worldwide. Do we want to be known as the home of the genetically engineered mosquito?

We should not be subject to this unassessed, poorly regulated, ineffective field trial.

Mara Daly

Key Largo

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