Jag Gallery

The ceramic sculpture work of Diane Martin-Lublinski will be paired with monoprints by John Martini at Jag Gallery.

Martin-Lubinski first joined Jag during the 2021 Small Works exhibit. “I accepted every piece she submitted, and hers were the first to sell.” said gallery owner Letty Nowak, “When I asked her to send more, she offered to drive them down from Fort Lauderdale, just like when she used to sell at Lucky Street. I had no idea she had shown in Key West before. It was serendipitous to meet an amazing sculptor like that.”

Her Faces in a Crowd series of ceramic masks have continued to sell out the gallery, but this new body of work breaks free from the constrained small scale she adopted during the pandemic. Full body sculptures stretch tall and an innovative series of corals burst from the wall in intense color. “I don’t even swim” says Martin Lubinski, but the coral reefs are where my imagination travels.”

John Martini’s monoprints reflect his well-known sculptures with his bold and confident marks of figures, animals, and even occasionally his signature bomb. All works are on paper and are a single impression as Martini can only capture it once using a confident hand with the medium of monoprinting.

Martin-Lublinski’s ceramics and Martini’s monoprints at Jag Gallery will be on display through Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Jag Gallery is located at 1075 Duval St. For information, visit http://www.jaggallery.art or call 305-407-6202.

Custom House

The Key West Art & Historical Society has opened “Gouges & Grain: Artists in wood,” an exhibition featuring skilled artists who employed wood as a medium This exhibit examines select pieces from the Society’s permanent collection that were created using wood.

Featuring artists such as Mario Sanchez, Norma Renner, Helen Harrison, Tony Barcelo, Suzie dePoo, George Mario Garcia and Duke Rood, the exhibit reveals the many ways that artists have explored the natural beauty and movement of wood.

The exhibition will run through Thursday, Jan. 13.

Key West Art & Historical Society’s Custom House is located at 281 Front St. For information, visit http://www.kwahs.org.

Harrison Gallery

Former Key West resident Jamie Alcroft is the featured artist at Harrison Gallery.

Alcroft owned a jewelry store on Duval Street and was the island’s Morning Man on radio WKWF, where he met Mack Dryden and became one-half of the comedy duo “Mack & Jamie.” Two years later the call came from “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. This and other TV appearances led to their own syndicated show in the 1980s, “Comedy Break with Mack and Jamie.” For the next 35 years, they performed on stages around the world.

Today, Alcroft continues his work as a comedian and voice actor while handcrafting beautiful works of silver to wear and behold.

The Harrison Gallery is located 825 White St. For information, visit http://www.harrison-gallery.com or call 305-294-0609.

Council of the Arts

The 2021 Members’ show of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts has opened at the Gato Building, 1100 Simonton St.

The theme, “Dazzling Horizons,” offers the viewer a look forward and a look around at the inspirational creativity of the artists. Magnificent sunsets, colorful skies, shiny moon and endless glistening waters encourage all to preserve and enjoy nature. The islands and all the talented people who live and visit here create a lively atmosphere.

The “Dazzling Horizons” exhibit features 89 pieces by 57 artists and will be on display through Friday, Jan. 28.

For information, call 305-295-4369 or visit http://www. keysarts.com.

Salt Gallery

An exhibit of Richard Kemble’s art will be on view through November at Salt Gallery; a survey of his half century of creativity in woodcuts and oil pastels and his American flag collages.

In 1975 and 1976, a series of more than 100 flag collages were created, using a variety of materials including rags and discarded materials.

Kemble continued to create flag collages, drawings and oil pastels in spurts of creativity up until his death. The estate is still discovering caches of these flag collages.

The exhibition at SALT will feature Kemble’s Windows series, a group of pieces executed in his Key West studio during the winter of 2004. This burst of energy using sheets of gold leaf and strong colors was the last of Kemble’s major output before his death in 2007.

Kemble’s art continues to work magic on the viewer. His legacy is still to be discovered.

“Richard Kemble — A Retrospective,” a book co-authored by George Korn and Thomas Livingston will be featured with a book signing at the reception.

SALT Gallery is located at 830 Fleming St.

For information, visit http://www.saltislandprovisions.com or call 305-517-6088.

Collections, Key West

Artist, lumberjack and furniture maker Jimmy Wray is providing the gallery with the local exotic hardwoods of the Keys at Collections, Key West.

Wray’s sideboard is made of quilted Woman’s Tongue, purple heart and Cuban Mahogany, and the bamboo chaise lounge has elegant sweeping curves and is an architectural statement of form and function.

Collections, Key West is located at 6810 Front St., Stock Island, down the dock from the Hogfish.

For information and hours, call 305-923-4778, email karen@collectionskw.com or visit http://www.collectionskeywest.com.