Top 10 tallest movie stars

At 6-feet-7-inches, James Cromwell, shown in the hit 1995 movie ‘Babe,’ is one of the tallest actors in Hollywood.

A few columns ago, we looked at Hollywood’s shortest actors, crowning 4-foot-4 Peter Dinklage as top of the bottom in height. Now, as the request of several readers, we look the other way — the Top 10 tallest actors in movies.

We’re reminded that the Latin word “altus” meant both high and deep. It just depended on whether you were high looking down, or low looking up, it was the same distance.

You may think Clint Eastwood is tall, but he’s only 6-feet-4-inches tall. So are Jeff Goldblum, Ben Affleck, Tom Selleck, Josh Duhamel, Jason Momoa, Alexander Skarsgård, Donald Sutherland, Jason Segel, Danny Glover, Vincent D’Onofrio, Chevy Chase, John Lithgow, David Hasselhoff and Liam Neeson.

So we will start our list with actors who measure at least 6-foot-5-inches in height:

10) Howard Stern — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. Shock jock and sometimes movie star, Stern claims to be “King of All Media.”

9) John Corbett — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. Co-star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding g” and TV’s “Sex and the City,” Corbett is also a country singer.

8) Vince Vaughn — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. Vaughan’s talents stretch from comedies like “Old School” to dramas like “Domestic Disturbances.”

7) Joe Manganiello — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. Known for “True Blood” and “Magic Mike,” Manganiello is married to Sofia Vergara (who stands 5-foor-7-inches).

6) Armie Hammer — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. From “The Social Network” to “Call Me By Your Name,” Hammer is reaching new heights.

5) Tyler Perry — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. Whether the actor-director-producer is playing an angry black woman named Madea or James Patterson’s Alex Cross, he measures up to his success.

4) Tim Robbins — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. From “Bull Durham” to “Mystic River,” Robbins is best known for “The Shawshank Redemption.”

3) Dwayne Johnson — Height: 6-feet-5-inches. The one-time wrestler is now the biggest star in Hollywood, in more ways than one.

2) James Cromwell — Height: 6-feet-7-inches. A tall drink of water, Cromwell stands tall in roles from “Babe” to “L.A. Confidential.”

1) Brad Garrett — Height: 6-feet-8 inches. You got to know him as the brother on TV’s “Everybody Loves Raymond,” but you’ll recognize his deep baritone voice in “Tangled,” “Garfield“ and “Ratatouille,” among others.

From Peter Dinklage to Brad Garrett, Hollywood has a stretch of 2-foot and 4-inches from the shortest to tallest actor. Now that’s altitude.

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