Keys Ocean Swim

Competitors in the Swim for Alligator Lighthouse, an open-water, long-distance event, round the Florida Keys lighthouse and head to shore during a previous event. The event began in 2013 to help raise awareness about preserving the almost 150-year-old lighthouse, as well as five other lighthouses off the Keys.

Nearly 500 solo and relay team open-ocean swimmers will attempt to complete the annual Swim for Alligator Lighthouse Saturday, Sept. 10, a unique endurance challenge in Atlantic Ocean waters off Islamorada.

Individuals and two-, three- and four-person teams must conquer the 8-mile roundtrip course to the historic lighthouse and back in less than eight hours. To compete as an individual, a participant must show proof of completing a prior 1,650-meter or 1-mile swim in 45 minutes or less. All swimmers must have a support kayaker.

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