geotis fishing column

Not the results columnist C.J. Geotis hoped for, but he and fishing buddy Dan had same-day-fresh fish and a great time.

Every year, I wait for summertime to come to the Florida Keys. I love the summertime here. The traffic slows way down, the stores are easier to get in and out of, and you can even make a left-hand turn onto the Overseas Highway every now and then. But most of all, I wait for summertime fishing! Usually, calm seas prevail and remain that way for days on end and sunset is later, giving more quality time on the water.

There’s nothing I like better than running offshore, stopping at the first weed patch, throwing a couple handfuls of cut bait into the water and waiting for the mahi mahi to appear behind the boat. The next thing that happens is what I call Florida Keys mayhem. Sometimes, dozens of frantic mahi mahi fight to beat the rest of their school to the offered chunks of ballyhoo, bonita or whatever I might have grabbed from the freezer.