mahi mahi

Teamwork resulted in these five mahi mahi, taken from one school, winding up in our fish box.

Happy New Year, everybody.

Recently, I’ve been reviewing my fishing for 2022. I was a little surprised when I realized much of my mahi mahi fishing resulted in catching only one mahi at a time. The only problem with this is, I really enjoy bringing a hooked mahi close to the boat and leaving it in the water to attract more mahis that may have been traveling in the same school. Along with keeping the fish I call the sleeper in the water, I throw chunks of cut bait behind the boat. Almost anything will work; squid, ballyhoo or bonita, cut into bite-size pieces usually stirs up a feeding frenzy of ravenous mahi. Then I look for the largest fish and cast to it with the same size pieces of bait on a spinning rod. I usually wind up catching a number of mahi, and often reach my personal limit before the school moves on.

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