After Ian clouds

Threatening morning clouds shortly after Hurricane Ian passed by the Florida Keys.

While millions of coastal residents throughout Florida, and the Eastern Seaboard are still rocking and reeling from Hurricane Ian, the Florida Keys were mostly spared major damage or flooding. I’ve realized through all this — that most of my friends — are located in coastal regions. Not only in Florida, but all across the United States. I suppose the thing we have in common is the love of the ocean in general, and fishing in particular.

So, in recent years, there has always been somebody I know who was directly affected, or directly being affected, by hurricanes. Of course, my moving permanently to Marathon shortly after Hurricane Andrew has resulted in my wife and me being subjected to two major hurricanes and the resultant huge damages. Hurricanes Wilma and Irma were the biggies, and there were hundreds of storms, named and unnamed, that came and went without catastrophic results.