Q:When did you start playing your sports?

A: Since I was 4 years old.

Q: Did you ever play any other sports growing up?

A: Volleyball and basketball. I played for the national junior basketball team in Nicaragua when I was there.

Q: Why did you decide to stick with the sports you play?

A: I was just better at those sports.

Q: Between those three sports, how much training do you do per day or week on a yearly basis?

A: Between all the sports, three hours a day all year-round.

Q: Do you really have downtime away from sports?

A: I do have some time off, but I never stop my training.

Q: Would you have it any other way?

A: No way, man.

Q: Rating the sports you play versus academics, what’s more important in your life?

A: Academics, because they will prepare me for life more than sports.

Q: Of the sports you play, what is your favorite?

A: Oh, that’s tough to say. I like them all.

Q: What skills do sports teach you that you apply to life?

A: Leadership, teamwork and helping other people.

Q: What goals do you have for your senior year, academically and/or athletically?

A: I just want to give it my all, so I can have another good season with my teammates.

Q: What are your personal dreams?

A: Play good enough this season to get a scholarship.

Q: What has been your best high school sports moment?

A: Last season, when we won the district championship in soccer.

Q: That was the first district title for the program in 50 seasons. What was it like to hold that trophy?

A: It was excellent and just so exciting.

Q: Any coaches, teachers or family members who have helped you get to this point?

A: Mr. (Joey) Gonzlez has helped me a lot, but also all my teammates, they are always pushing me to be my best.

Q: What advice would you give to the next generation of Dolphins?

A: Enjoy the sports, because it’s going to the best part of school.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve received?

A: Give it your all, and you will see the results.

Q: Having invested so much time — physically, mentally and emotionally — in your sports, in what way can you have proper closure during your senior year?

A: I think I’m going to cry after my final game. I just have to give it my all this year so the school can remember me.

Q: Anywhere in the world you want to visit?

A: England, because they have some good soccer there.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of sports?

A: Just keep and play video games. I like sports games. I like beating my friends in FIFA.

Q: What are some challenges you’ve faced as a student-athlete?

A: Sometimes I’m dying for food in the middle of the game. I get really hungry, man.

Q: If you could add one hour to your day, what would you do with it?

A: One more hour to sleep wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Q: Do you have any college interests?

A: I’m going to go to FIU.

Q: If you have an opportunity to play a sport in college, no matter the size or location of the school, will you take it?

A: Oh yeah.

Q: Is there any one skill you feel you need to improve on to make it at the collegiate level?

A: I just need to get good grades.

Q: What is something you would tell your college roommate about the Keys?

A: There are more boats than cars, and you are going to get a good day in fishing.

Q: On your first trip back home, what will be the meal you ask for?

A: Steak from the steak and lobster house.

Q: Do you have any career aspirations?

A: I want to be a pilot, but it’s not easy. I just like everything about aviation.